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New Kazan River Quarter

Leisure & Retail

Joint winners of the International architectural competition for the best development concept for the area on the right bank of the Kazanka River

Borgos Pieper has won, jointly with two other studios, the highest prize awarded in the international competition for a new riverside quarter in Kazan, Russia. The proposal, selected from a field of 188 international teams from 28 countries proposes a new, ecologically sensitive scheme to create a sustainable mixed-use district with 200,000m2 of accommodation woven into a new riverside park.

The challenge of creating a new city quarter on the banks of the Kazanka River overlooking the historic city has provided us with the inspiration to bring a new relationship between the natural environment of the river and the man-made construction.


Our concept is to metaphorically and physically merge and raise the riverside park atop new sloped buildings that provide a transition between the river and the city that extends on the North bank of the river. We have given the new development a distinctive arched profile to mark its place in the city from afar.

“The professional architects "vote" went more for the Spanish-British concept - it was proposed by the Borgos Pieper studio (Spain - England). Futuristic buildings, smoothly rising from the coast towards Sibgata Khakim Street, are filled with landscaped terraces. It somehow resembles either a wave, or a sail with semi-elliptical tops running towards Kazanka. Chief Architect of Kazan Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina notes that the ideas of Spanish designers for Kazan look spectacular, it looks like nothing else".

“The project is very strong, and if we implement it, it will set a new benchmark for the entire surrounding development,” she said. - There are also questions - how to implement this form of roofing in our climatic conditions? But there are such solutions in the world, you just need to study them and adapt them to our situation. It is difficult, but quite possible."

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