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Urban Campus

Jena, Germany
Leisure & Retail

The regeneration of the site is a unique opportunity that aims to have a positive ripple-effect on its surroundings.

The integration needs clear responses which are objective and timeless. Considerations such as urban grain, articulation, climate, quality of light, materials and detailing which age well, form the basis of this design. Of equal importance is that the proposal should be achievable, and function well.

With the above criteria our design presents a carefully crafted, future oriented, sustainable intervention with a volumetric scale taking clues from the tradition of fragmented urban blocks characteristic of Jena´s city centre and a permeable pedestrian floor with buildings for institutional and public use: academic offices, classrooms, lecture halls, cafe and library spaces – with flexibility to change and adapt with other uses in the future should the need arise.

The courtyards and streets allow excellent day-lighting and services access, whilst also providing a variety of identities for groups of users as in an urban environment. The intervention is flexible, easy to phase, zone, and replace. A grading of family relationships exists within this assemblage of buildings.

The ensemble will also intelligently and responsibly address environmental objectives by providing BREEAM certified building performance standards in their design, construction and operation. Wind protection, solar orientation and drainage have been considered to reduce their impact on the surroundings. The design will also mitigate the acoustic impact of vehicle and tram traffic through building massing and orientation. As a pedestrian friendly campus, the design has integrated the substantial car and bicycle parking requirements to the perimeter of the site.

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