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Masterplan Moscow

Leisure & Retail

In order to ensure that the development leads to a vibrant and improved neighborhood, substantial  consideration has been given in the masterplan, to the relationship between the buildings and the public realm, encompassing the streets and open spaces. A well designed public realm can contribute significantly to reinforcing this character – improving the quality of the built environment and playing a key role in the creation of a sustainable, inclusive, diverse and vibrant community.

The architecture for the project has been designed as a set of high quality and enduring contemporary landmark buildings, creating a new standard for the city. The harmonious architectural forms found within each block are expressed with an elegant palette of materials, and delicate variations in rhythm, texture and color, resulting in a cohesive urban environment.

The new park will transform itself into a dynamic public friendly space, open and engaging with activities where people will want to go and spend time to enjoy nature, contemplate and relax and play. The sculpted landscape will promote vistas and create spaces that offer identity and scale to the different areas of the park.

Project developed with Brandon Haw Architecture New York.

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