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Munich Geo-Sciences University building

Munich, Germany

The design is inspired by Ludwig Maximilian University's aspirations:Collaboration, Excellence and Innovation. The new Geosciences building provides flexible floor plans for a range of academic and department uses, allowing the creation of innovative and inspirational spaces to attract the best staff, academics and students.


The proposal conceives the building and new central plaza as part of an ensemble that revitalises the heritage and other existing buildings that complete the urban block belonging to the LMU. The intervention uses an entry pergola lead visitors to the main entrance of the building while also framing the new central plaza. The plaza links the lecture buildings to the South with the new building which offers an attractive circulation and relaxation space throughout the year. The cafe is located at the nexus of the public and internal circulation routes and is oriented to take advantage of optimum solar orientation. Public visitors are easily oriented to the exhibition spaces while the academic users can also access through the generous foyer to their respective department destinations via the stair atria or lifts.

The massing of the building invites one to enter the public space and logically distributes the required building uses from the more public to the more private and research based spaces that inhabit the Northern wing with its stepped courtyards. These provide access to light and air as well as isolate the noisier from the quieter activities.

The building is organized into three parts with linear blocks that correspond to the key uses; the Southernmost block contains the entrance, exhibition and library spaces in a vertically stacked volume addressing the entry to the plaza; the middle block contains a central café at ground level with offices spaces above; the third block contains the workshop and laboratory spaces with their various spatial and environmental requirements.

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