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Kaunas Concert Centre

Kaunas, Lithuania

Music is a universal language that connects people at many levels - emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. It is a form of language that makes us human yet does not rely on a particular spoken language. It can create community and bind strangers together, even momentarily, through a shared experience. Music encourages us to interact and listen.

Our proposal explores the potential of creating a new space for this interaction and engagement. The dramatic riverfront site, across from the historic centre offers us the opportunity to bring together the virtues of a prominent location with a concept for three finely-tuned performance spaces enveloped by a generous entry foyer that blurs the transition between inside and outside. Privileged views over the river and city are exploited over three levels. The support spaces are tucked behind the auditoria and face the road, providing it with activity throughout the day and into the evening.

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