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Classic Car Centre

Leisure & Retail

We are living through a historic moment in society´s relationship with the automobile. A period of rapid technological transition in mobility choices has been radically altered in a matter of weeks by the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic. Movement restrictions and accompanying social distancing requirements have made this evolving scenario affect all levels of society and modes of transport – air, land, sea as well as public and private means of mobility.  This new reality offers us an opportunity to reflect and reconsider the role of cars in our lives, our cities, the wider environment and economy.

Through the automobile we have grown accustomed to an unprecedented freedom of movement and a fascination with speed. Under our new circumstances how car use will evolve over the coming months and years to adapt to social needs and regulatory requirements? It is open to debate how this will evolve but it is certain that the escapism, art and technology that cars embody will be with us for some time to come.

The building is designed to set a new paradigm for motor enthusiast centres - where visitors and users can experience an immersive environment focused on mobility in all its forms – from human to petrol to alternative fuel powered vehicles with all of the technologies in between. Our design creates a destination where the past and future can meet. A meeting point for young and old, enthusiasts and technicians as well as general visitors who want to enjoy time in a unique location surrounded by ingenious technology and craftmanship that has defined our era perhaps more than any other invention over the last 120 years.

The centre is proposed as a meeting point for clubs and collectors to share experiences and learn from each other- a place where one can participate in workshops, go shopping and also have unique dining experiences. 

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