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Carlos Cruz-Diez

The studio collaborated with Carlos Cruz-Diez for the design of 1km long acoustic barrier on the main access route into Zurich. Through modelling, colour studies and discussions, the team achieved a dynamic urban scale art intervention that added character to the usually desolate acoustic barrier design.

James Turrell

For the facade and roof of the art Foundation building, the design team worked closely with the artist and his technical team to create a computer controlled light installation that would shift a spectrum of colours across the 72 window openings by lighting the cills and the translucent roof plant enclosure.


Working closely with the varied disciplines of engineering and other consultant teams, we ensure that our architecture is rooted firmly in the optimization of systems for social, economic, and environmental sustainability.


Each project is unique to its place, and the conditions of the client brief and budget. The end result looks beyond style to find beauty and functionality in the design solution.

Cricursa, Granollers

The studio works regularly with industry to develop projects with certain complexity. With Cricursa, the leading curved glass fabricators, Borgos Pieper has prototyped new bus shelter enclosures and bench systems.

Quendon workshop, London

For many projects the studio also develops bespoke furniture pieces. With British-based Quendom Furniture we designed a variable height table using a spring-loaded mechanism to easily vary the position of the table top to the desired height.

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