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Villa development

Mallorca, Spain

This holiday house is set in a pine grove with views to the sea and a backdrop of mountains.

A series of courtyards descend the along the natural slope via a path of steps that lead to the main entrance and a water wall courtyard which pierces the local limestone façade. Visitors are led into a large double height space: an empty volume within massive stone and glass walls overlooking the sea below. Stone is used throughout on the floors and walls, benches and basins. Timber vaults and timber framed glazing form the enclosure of the informal living areas facing the pool terrace.

Sunlight is manipulated by the thick walls and deep timber window reveals positioned to frame the views of the landscape. The tapering shape of the pool projects from the terrace towards the horizon, ending in a waterfall. Sustainability is a key factor in the design of the residence which harvests sun and water while using natural ventilation and thermal mass to assure year-round comfort.

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