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Senior housing development


Our proposal for senior housing provides a high quality lifestyle choice that offers the ultimate in luxury, generosity of space, for its residents. This concept responds to the growing population of seniors who expect design quality and responsible environmental solutions to their housing needs.

The unique character and landscape setting of the site is an ideal location to develop an innovative community for active seniors. The cluster of modern, desirable, privately owned apartments offer personal safety and security, social activities, the ability to age in place, a fitness centre, and lifelong learning options.

We propose the use of Modern Methods of Construction with a proprietary cross-laminated timber panel system that offers acoustic, structural, thermal and eco-friendly benefits for its construction. The principal materials include Western Red Cedar cladding and louvers in front of glazed openings, both fixed and sliding, depending on the location and privacy required. Locally sourced Basalt stone with a honed finish is used for cladding three amenity pavilions along the “street”. The reception pavilion is backlit white cast glass.

The apartments offer generous entertaining space and kitchens as well as terraces and winter gardens to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. The design also provides the space and facilities for a home office.

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