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Resort hotel in Balearics

Leisure & Retail

Working for an international investor group we were commissioned to develop the scheme, detail and first phase construction phases for a new resort hotel in the Balearic Islands. Set into a natural amphitheatre over looking a bay the resort comprises several building types set into the terraced landscape. Guest rooms have terraces and small gardens on each level, suites and bungalows frame the property at it´s perimeter which providing a sense of enclosure and provide privacy.

There are two destination restaurants on the property, an informal brasserie dining adjacent the entry building and another more dramatic seaside dining space composed of two laminated timber shell pavilions with photo voltaic embedded glass cladding to ensure a cool shade throughout the year. These off-set shell structures are oriented to get the best views sunset views over the bay and nestle within the rocky outcrop at the southern end of the property.  

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