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Nau Bostik


The cultural association Nau Bostik celebrates its 5th anniversary with a bold proposal for its future.

As part of its fifth anniversary programme the Nau Bostik association asked Borgos Pieper to develop a masterplan for its retention and refurbishment in the face of continued development pressure brought on by the decade-long construction of a new high speed rail station. As the last factory standing in the Sagrera district, the 6.000m2 ensemble of buildings contains multiple event, exhibition, workshop and co-working spaces that are offered to creative and social enterprises and groups from the district and greater Barcelona. 

The proposal demonstrates the great potential the Nau Bostik has as an integrating force for change – a space dedicated to social and cultural initiatives that has become a focal point in the area´s regeneration.  The proposed open spaces will unite the site with green roofs and gardens while adding student and artist residences to ensure a 24hr life and green amenity for the greater community.

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