J Barn

, Hampshire, UK


The lightest of interventions

A commission to design a new build extension and refurbish a Grade II listed barn in Hampshire. The client’s brief included living and working accommodation for their craft business as well as space for workshops and lectures.

The scheme carefully restores the barn and encloses the open wall areas with glazed cladding in order to minimize the impact on what is an historic fabric. Internally a new floor will work as a plenum within which all the services will be distributed. Low internal volumes will act as storage and space dividers. No new work touches the structure, except the glazing which is used to fill in the gaps where walls and doors formerly stood.

Discrete light will illuminate the large volume and allow the agricultural structure to retain its utilitarian character. A one-storey extension is timber clad with glass slots for ventilation and views. A turfed roof and wall climbing plants will diminish the apparent volume of this wing, which sits on the site of a demolished barn structure.